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#Operation Pack-A-Snack

When people hear about PotBangerz they often have the same questions:

"How can I help?"

"What can I do?"

"I don't have much extra time or money to donate, but want to do something."

It is natural to want to help our fellow human beings, to reach out to them with some form of assistance. One of the best ways to love and support one another is to provide sustenance and ensure basic needs are met.

Operation Pack-A-Snack provides this thing you can do - every one can pack a snack!

   Go Shopping With Sutton!     

3 cups


3 cups



1 cup


Fresh Fruit or Veggies

1½ cups



              Other Ideas:                 

     Thanks to: Sutton and NBC LeftField for the video!                 


Recognize HUMANITY!

These are people.

If you see them outside and they are cold and hungry... If you see them on the street. Don't turn away from them.

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People struggle every day for a variety of reasons. That person may not have had access to the same opportunities others or the mental capacity to take advantage of them. Yet, they are feeling alone and have little hope for what the next hours and days will bring.


It may be hard to think of yourself in that type of position. Even so, try to imagine what you would want from a passerby. It could be a warm smile, a friendly greeting...or a snack, that was packed with love and care.


Go to the store.

Shopping Suggestions:

  • Zip-lock bags

  • Box of Cereal  or Granola Bars

  • Fresh Fruit or Veggies

  • Peanut Butter/Jelly

  • Tuna or Chicken Salad/Crackers

  • Bread or Wraps 


Pack - A - Snack

Create a well-rounded snack or meal. Vegetarian meals are okay, too!


*Consider adding a friendly note?


Spread the love!!

Offer to whoever might need it. Ask your new friends how they are doing.

If you discover that someone needs a particular item or service, make a note of their name and location. Send a private message to PotBangerz here or on Facebook so we can go check on them, as well!

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