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PotBangerz Teamz

Invest in Your Community!


Teamwork makes the dream work!






Mama Cat is the heart and soul of the PotBangerz organization, but it takes a village to handle the many ways the group has chosen to care for the unhoused members of its community.


The PotBangerz often refer to the group as a family, as many met through being active in the community in St. Louis over the past several years and all have come together as like-minded individuals who make up a dynamic group. But as much as everyone likes to believe they operate like a well-oiled machine, structure and organization improve effectiveness and save time.


In order to work with any of our teams, you should work well with others (obviously!) and realize that the needs of the unhoused are paramount in everything we do.


The main goal is to provide care and assistance unconditionally, always with a smile, an open heart, and kindness to members of our community, our neighbors... and new friends, if we are lucky.


As Mama Cat has shown us, treating everyone with kindness and love is the only way to do this work.


Check out the teams below to see where your time and efforts might be the most effective.

Who Can Volunteer?


  • Adults (All Ages)

  • Students (K - High School & College)

  • Relatives of the Unhoused Community

  • Retirees

  • Civic groups

  • Working Professionals

  • Families

  • People of faith & their faith communities

  • Anyone with a passion to prevent hunger in our community!

You – yes, you! – are welcome to volunteer with and join PotBangerz.


Whether you want to physically get involved or donate supplies, there is always a way to help.


And remember, monetary donations are always welcome!

To PotBangerz -

Feed The Body Mission!

  • Food Donations

  • Supply Donations

  • Financial Donations

Board of Directorz

These are the PotBangerz board members who handle the details of the 501c3 non-profit designation. They give of their time and energy to ensure the organization runs smoothly and stays in line with its mission and Mama Cat’s vision.



Food Team

Mama Cat runs the kitchen and welcomes members of the community to help with cooking and cleaning, preparing well-balanced meals packaged for approximately 100 people or more and feeding our people!

This team meets:


afternoon and evening during normal weather

**but increases DAILY during extremely hot and cold spells, per special instructions

Volunteer Team

Anyone in St. Louis and surrounding counties is welcome to volunteer with PotBangerz!

The volunteer team takes the lead in daily interactions with those wishing to contribute time and energy to the organization. 

Click to get information about volunteer opportunities or to volunteer for this team! 

Donation Team

As a non-profit organization, PotBangerz relies on donations of all kinds to serve the community.

This team manages:

  • Food Donations

  • Supply Donations

  • Financial Donations


(Reports to Accountant and Audit Team, as necessary.)

Monetary donations are always welcome, with food and supply donations somewhat dependent upon the weather and other factors that determine what the community needs most. When collecting and preparing to deliver donations, note which items are most in need at the current time.

Operation Deep Freeze

When the temperatures dip, more help is required to meet the needs in our community. More volunteers are needed for Operation Deep Freeze than at any other time of the year. In order to conduct even the most basic winter outreach, PotBangerz teams up with local churches and other organizations to take care of the unhoused.


          Needs during Operation Deep Freeze can include:

  • Cooking and serving food at shelters

  • Transporting unhoused people to shelters, providing supplies to those remaining outdoors

  • Picking up donations and delivering to various locations

  • Sorting and organizing donations

  • Transporting blankets

  • Cleaning after food preparation and after nights of shelter at various locations

NEW TEAM FORMING - Photography Team

This team:

  • Photographs events for the website

  • Photographs events for donors

  • Photographs large donation intake, as necessary

Works closely with the Web Team and Media Teams.

Media/Social Media Teams

As a 501c3 organization, handling media requests and outreach is part of the process. We have a team of PotBangerz that takes care of those issues as they arise. Some of their responsibilities include:


  • Public Relations 

  • Media footage management

  • Updating the public

  • Press  and emergency information release

Works closely with Photography and Web Teams

Web Team

This team:

  • Updates and monitors the PotBangerz webpage

  • Fixes problems/bugs in the webpage 

Legal Team

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